17 September 2014


I'm not a follower of fashion.  Now that I have reached the grand old age of 42, I think I have developed my own 'style' so whether or not I am fashionable doesn't really concern me.  My daughter's favourite response to what I'm wearing is "it suits you but I wouldn't wear it".  She, you see, loves fashion.

That said, I do take an interest in the colours of the season.  Apparently these are this Autumn's colours.

"This is a season of untypical colors—more reflective of the imagination and ingenuity, which makes for an artful collection of colors and combinations not bound by the usual hues for fall."
Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute®

I personally think they are gorgeous and love that they are not "the usual hues for fall".  I look such a bugger in brown.

After a quick scan of my wardrobe, I'm quite pleased to see that Radiant Orchid, Misted Yellow, Sangria, Mauve Mist, Bright Cobalt and Cypress all make an appearance and my favourite coat is Aluminium!  Maybe I'm a little more on trend than I give myself credit for!

What I wanted to pick your brains about today though is accessories.  More to the point, crocheted or knitted accessories.  (Quelle surprise!)  How do you choose colours when you're making yourself a scarf say, or cowl, or hat?  Do you simply pick colours you like?  Do you copy something you've seen?  Do you pick colours that suit you?  Or do you choose them with a particular outfit in mind?

I love colours.  All colours.  I do find though that I make better colour-related decisions if I give myself a few rules.  Otherwise I tend to go a bit bonkers.

D and I made a bit of a parenting mistake when our son was about four or five.  He had been a particularly brave boy at the emergency dentist after having fallen and broken his two front teeth.  As a treat, we took him to a large toy shop and told him that he could choose one thing.  Anything.  Well, he was absolutely beside himself with excitement and ran here, there and everywhere with his eyes sparkling.  He picked one thing up, then another, paused for a second and then put them both back before scooting off to another section.  This happened over and over again until suddenly he sat down on his bottom, burst into extremely noisy tears and said he didn't want anything.  There was too much choice and because we'd not given him any guidelines, the poor little soul couldn't cope.  The point of this story is that I am exactly the same in a yarn shop!  Ok, I don't sit on the floor and wail (well, not always) but I do often end up walking out with nothing.  Either that or I buy something I actually already have at home.

I've translated the season's colours, best I can, to wool …

(They are all actually Cascade 220 simply because of the huuuuuuge range of colours available.)

There's something there for everyone, don't you think?

That green.  Love.

Scarves, cowls, hats and gloves are my favourite things in the world to crochet.  Instant gratification I suppose.  I just adore how a simple pair of jeans and a plain white tee can be transformed or personalised by a jaunty fuchsia pink scarf peppered with a rainbow of roses.

I might see if I can use this as my palette for this year's winter makes.  If nothing else I'll be bang on fashion, eh?

Anyway, I've rattled on.  I'd so love to hear your thoughts.



  1. You sound just like me - and I get the same comments from my girls! I love colour and especially that green. I've seen a crocheted cardi that I really fancy having a bash at and that would be the perfect colour. I'm not sure I have the attention span to do it at the mo though. What's your next project going to be? X

    1. I'm working on a secret project at the mo Cathy, that's a teensy bit out of my colour comfort zone. Let's just say I could almost be on the set of an old movie! I suspect that's why I'm hankering after a little colour! How lush would a cardi be in that green though? xx

  2. I sometimes think I will make something in a different colour combination, but invariably it's not as different as I first think. But then,maybe that's what suits me? Or am I boring?
    PS - I made a jacket for the summer in a similar green!

  3. I think scarves and the like are perfect for incorporating the trendy shades into a more basic wardrobe! That being said, my basic wardrobe contains a lot of that green, so I'll jazz it up with those purple hues...very interesting post! Cxxx

  4. Hi Heather. Cool post. Really enjoyed this. I am not a trendy girl. I am a comfy girl. I tend to choose faded cool colors for myself as I usually look kind of weird in warm colors like red, orange or yellow. Saying that, the bottle green is one of my absolute favorites. I am working on a new pattern collection of winter wear accessories... I am keeping it cool with kind of basic color themes to make it timeless, but now after looking at this autumn color chart I think I should through myself out there and try something new. Really enjoyed this chat. The toy store story is something that has happened to me and my kids not just once but many times... I keep on doing the same mistake bringing them there to choose something for their own saved up money and although they do have limits of amount and so they always end up in anxiety attacks cause they can't choose. Something that is expected to be a fun event and a treat turns in to disaster and torture... I really have to figure that one out... Maybe find out what they really would like to buy BEFORE entering the toy store so they don't let there eyes wonder to much...
    My Rose Valley

  5. I like that you've translated the colours into woolly shades - very sensible! I suppose I normally do just go with want ever colours I want or are floating my boat at the time instead of doing something more sensible like choose something that would suit me. I have made things based on what will work well with my winter coat before but I think that's more happy coincidence than deliberate decision!

    S x

  6. I am currently making the scarf from your last post, it was so gorgeous I halted the other projects (2 blankets and a poncho thing) and decided the scarf had to be done. I too love scarves and think they are the main thing I use to lift an outfit. But when it comes to wool I tend to stick with colours I like, whether or not they go with my coat or jacket at the time! I've chosen 3 shades of blue for the scarf. I'm also going to make one of Sandra's scarf patterns (can't remember the name but it is a triangular number). For that I'm going for heathery, North Yorks Moors colours. Then that's me sorted for this winter.
    Oh and I am exactly the same as you in a wool shop. Whenever we go on holiday I will seek out a wool shop, make the family drive there and then buy nothing......

  7. Very stylish colour palette. I believe that Pantone designated the Orchid as the colour for 2014.
    I like how you've managed to get your colour range out of one brand of wool.
    Enjoy the making.

  8. Love the yarny colour translation, the latest scarf I'm making was a pure impulse buy yarn wise rico creative creations, it was a instant must have yarn with it's frosty colours and sparkle.
    Clare x

  9. Love your daughter's comment. I get a similar one - "it looks good on you", tactfully leaving the "but I wouldn't be seen dead in it" off the end. Totally agree about the green yarn, it's fab - I wear green ... alot ... probably every day. Have a great weekend.
    Jane x

  10. I've reached the age where I know what I can wear and what I can't. My colour choices for accessories are usually quite random. If I see nice yarn in nice colour combos in a shop, I'm sold for a scarf etc, regardless of whether it matches anything in my wardrobe. Sometimes if I buy an item of clothing, I'll want to make something to compliment it in certain colours. I just think I like so many colours and combinations that there's room for anything; and you can never have too many accessories can you? I'm currently in pastel mode with an accessory make and I'm loving it. Not sure what I have to put it with though!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Hi Heather! Cool post! I'm not a trendy girl and usually I choose colors for my outfit random but I think is nice to have a look to Pantone's palette::: Radiant Orchid is my favourite!::: Have a gret week end!:::Silvia

  12. Loved this post Heather! I'm not a follower of fashion and really just wear what I like. Beautiful colour palette you have there. I love making scarfs, wrist warmers etc for myself but I just choose whatever yarn I like the look of generally not bothering whether or not it matches my coat! Having said that, I sometime wonder whether I should stick to more of a certain colour palette?!
    Marianne x

  13. I really enjoyed this post Heather (as always!). I wear colors that look good on me regardless of what the "new" colors happen to be for each season...but so many of these cooler colors are what I tend to wear! Love your yarn translation! xo

  14. I tend to go for quite muted, autumn colours a lot - I love mustard yellow! But that's because it's autumn and I think I'm drawn to more monochrome things in winter and more colour in spring and summer. The seasons do influence me a lot. As for fashion, pah! I live in jeans, ballet pumps and a striped top because I am too lazy to think about anything else. It's my uniform, really.

    But, (shh don't tell anyone) last week I spent WAY too much money - like two weeks food shopping - on a black party dress from Ted Baker and it felt so, so good. I feel like I should feel guilty but I don't. :-) xx


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