9 November 2015

Smitten With Knittin'

Ugh.  It's grim out there today.  Swirling winds and frizz-inducing drizzle.  Foul I tell you.

The sky was simply beautiful at about 6:30am this morning but half an hour later it was grey and grey it stayed until the sun went down.  I'm feeling a bit grey at the moment.  Dull and uninteresting.  I'm ok, I'm just lacking witty repartee and va va voom.

I think my least favourite month is January.  Hot on its heels is November.  I'm not a fan of this time of year at all.  I feel like climbing into a clean pair of pyjamas and hibernating under my duvet, emerging only when the spring bulbs do.

That said, I'm not a total defeatist and have honed various coping techniques over the last few years.  One of which is to set myself a Winter Project.  This year's is learning to knit.  Properly.  In fact, my aim is to greet Spring wearing at least one thing I've knitted myself.

You might remember that I bought a pair of circular needles while visiting Bath last month.  Knit Pro Symfonie Interchangeables to be precise.  With hindsight, I'm not terribly sure why they appealed but they just did.  Crikey, they're brilliant!  Don't get me wrong, I haven't turned in to knitter extraordinaire overnight but they're so much easier to negotiate than the unwieldy sticks I've previously struggled with.

So, here I am.  Knitting.  Kind of.  I'm very slow and careful and concentrate so hard that I'm in danger of biting my own tongue off, but hey ho.  Oh, but I'm enjoying it so much.  Really and truly.  I'm smitten.  Smitten with knittin'!  :-)

I spent the first few days, practising and practising, row after row of garter stitch.  When my tension and rhythm improved a little (my stitches were so tight at first I couldn't physically move them along the needle!), I allowed myself to progress to joining new colours.  I've been researching some of the different cast-on methods and now I've rewarded myself with making my very first 'thing'.  Keen to try knitting in the round, I found this simple slouch hat pattern


So far so good.  I'll keep you posted.

Other than spending obscene amounts of time browsing far-too-difficult-for-me patterns on Ravelry, I've been loving huddling under the covers and watching knitting podcasts most evenings.  I'm pretty sure this explains my renewed desire to be able to knit.  Do you watch any?  I'd love to hear your recommendations if you do.  My favourites are ...

How are you coping with this season, my friends?  Are you zooming around in colourful handknits with eyes a sparkle or do you have to make slightly more effort at this time of year?



  1. I hope you soon feel a bit more sparkle :-) Congrats on joining the new knitters!! It is great finding all these other bloggers starting their knitting journey this year too, have fun!!

  2. I love circular needles as well, so much better than giant long sticks poking out everywhere. I do love winter I must admit. A break from all the hard outside work of spring and summer. Although there is still plenty left to do out there, I'm avoiding it on the grounds that it's cold, wet and windy. So glad you're enjoying the knitting though, the perfect thing for winter I think. Wishing you a good week. CJ xx

  3. Hi There,
    Us down here in Southern Hemisphere have emerged from our dark caves and are embracing some much need sunshine and warmth. I myself love to hibernate as it is a great time to create blankets. Too hot a project in Summer.
    I am loving your blog and I hope to see your slouchy hat once it is create. Have fun!
    L xx

  4. Haha us knitters have sucked you in,just like you did with me and crochet! I like this time of year except when it does the non-stop raining, pooh. I love Susan.b.Anderson's video cast and am jealous of how fast she knits.x

  5. I am not liking the grim weather. Only candles and mood lighting are my saviour at the moment. I'm laughing at you mentioning biting off your tongue. Seriously, I make some REALLY weird faces when I knit. My concentration levels are through the roof, and woe betide anyone who tries to talk to me when I'm doing a row! It's on my list to conquer too, I just need to find a spot of time that I can seriously dedicate to it....and I'm just too impatient at the moment. I like that you have goals though and have a pattern picked out. Maybe you tube is the answer for me. I just find the books with the pictures not helpful. I need to physically see what someone does with a dropped stitch as that scares me to death. I don't like the thought of putting in hour after hour, just to balls it all up with one dropped stitch. So I leave it alone and let the fear conquer me at the minute.

    The skies have been rather beautiful of late. I do like the low sun.......when it is shining. It casts the most amazing glow. We just need a little bit more of it!

    A super rest of a week my lovely xxxxxxx

  6. Ah! So that's it, I need to buy circular needles!! I've been reading lots of knitting blogs too, but I've been too scared to start... Perhaps this will do the trick!? I don't really like winter either, too wet for the kids to play outside, and they get bored inside, result = fight and tired mummy :) but since you can't stop the seadons we might as well (try to) enjoy them ;)

  7. I just love knitting, I only learned about 1 1/2 year ago, taught myself by watching you tube videos, but once you start that's it, before you know it there's wool everywhere and if you go near a shop you can't help but buy!, glad you are enjoying it. I really love this time of year, preparing for Christmas and snuggling on the sofa with cup of tea and knit/crochet needles in hand. Hope you carrying enjoying it.

  8. Oh beautiful neat knitting Heather! I think you may have inspired me to dig out my knitting needles and cast on a new project. I haven't knitted at all for a couple of years but I used to knit a lot before I learned to crochet. Beautiful post as always. Have a great week.
    Marianne X

  9. I too dislike this time of year intensely and ...wait for it... November is actually my birthday month! Jeepers... you would think after all these years [don't ask] I would be well used to it. We, that is me, my husband and daughter, have just been discussing what to do on the day itself and as always, every idea I have is ky-boshed by the fact that it's ...guess what... November!... so lots of places are closed, and it's not qu-u-ite Christmas, and potentially it will be raining, and... it will be dark just after 4pm... I think I'd best stop now as you must have got the idea by now! I am a life-long knitter, and just a couple of years ago I finally learned how to crochet, after struggling for a long time. I love both crafts now and am always looking forward to the next project. Love your blog, Heather.

  10. Hooray for knitting! And about that project ... you know you want to knit socks ... soft, snuggly, cosy toes whilst you search Ravelry for your next challenge ... as it happens, I know a very good tutorial and you only need to be able to cast on, knit and purl ;-) Seriously, I'm glad you're getting to grips with the pointy sticks - or rather, not so pointy as you're knitting in the round. KnitPro Symphonies are so beautiful as well, how could you not enjoy knitting with them? PS I'm a winter baby so I like this time of year and especially January, when certain winter babies have their birthdays :-) xx

  11. It looks as though you are going to be a great knitter! What a fantastic idea to teach yourself this over the winter and really get into it. I hope that you keep enjoying it. Just a little envious of your new found skill, I wish I could knit! xx

  12. I love knitting but also crochet. I learnt to knit when I was about 5 years old so it's something that is just part of me. Well done on making the hat. Knitting in the round is so good for things like hats - no bulky seams.

  13. I'm so happy you are enjoying your knitting!
    I love being able to crochet and knit both. I am certified to teach both and give private crochet and knitting lessons in my home and I love it when a student wants to learn both. Combining the two is so lovely...
    Yours is looking beautiful :-)
    Keep it up!
    All of your pictures are so very gorgeous... love the sunrise.

  14. Your stitches are wonderfully even - you're a natural! Have just discovered your blog and love all your projects - wonderful photos. I LOVE November though - it starts with my birthday on Bonfire Night and then all those fireworks and sparklers - and cake with candles! Then the gentle, unrushed meander towards Christmas with sparkly lights in the High Street and a Christmas Tree - and then there are the markets and a trip to Bath (to include Wool, naturally), chilly misty mornings and crisp leaves underfoot - it's my favourite month of all!


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