17 November 2015


A lady in a grey anorak gave me a very cheery "hello" this morning as we were climbing into the car to set off on the school run.  It was nice and put me in a good mood ...

Resilience - The ability to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

Nothing has changed.  There is still joy to be had.  When our hearts have stopped aching for the loss of precious, innocent lives (and they will because, by our very nature, we are resilient), we will remember that there is so much more good in life than bad.

Be happy.  Be optimistic.  Be just the way you were.  Don't be afraid.  Because that will mean that evil has won.  And evil deserves nothing more than contempt.



  1. So well put, Heather....echoing my thoughts x
    Helen xox

  2. I know it has already been said, but wise words indeed. xx

  3. Beautifully said Heather, I for one have decided to LoVe & live life to the full!!
    Anna xx

  4. Love the post, Heather! Pati x

  5. Such a lovely post.
    On a different note - what is the yarn in your first picture. I love the colours?

    1. Thank you for your wonderful words. I totally agree. <3
      Still, I'd love to join Bernice's question... I am so in love with this yarn! Would you please let us know its name? Thank you so much!
      Sabine x

    2. Hi lovely ladies. Isn't it gorgeous? I bought it at Yarndale from www.fleabubsbylala.co.uk. It's the Century Flower colour way on an alpaca/merino/silk dk base. Hope helps! X

    3. Thank you Heather. 'Santa' has been told which one I would like! x

  6. Totally agree,peace be with you.(your colours are so lovely)

  7. Well said. And is it me or are people talking to one another more? I have been shopping today and I ended up chatting with a lady at a bus stop, exchanged words about the weather with a man I bumped into as I bundled out of a shop. Just encounters that on another day would not have happened. Maybe we are all just being nicer to one another as a result of hearing about such unbelievably bad things.


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