23 November 2015

Winter Woollies

Sloppy Sunday Cowl

Miss Read Mitts

Last March, I had a bit of a wappy and filled a big charity bag with, it has to be said, a large proportion of my winter wardrobe.  Anything I considered 'mumsy', I hurled into this bag.  It was all very liberating.  From what I've heard this is not a terribly unusual thing for a woman in her early forties to do.

I'd completely forgotten about said wappy until the recent chilly spell sent me hotfooting it to unearth some cosy clothes.  Oh dear.  It would appear that I'm more than a little bit lacking in the winter woollies department.

I will acknowledge, at this point, that the irony of the fact that I have enough yarn in my craft room for a hundred jumpers or cardigans is not lost on me.

I've never been one to wear huge chunky knits.  I find them too constricting and claustrophobic.  This probably dates back to the knitwear my mum forced dressed me in when I was a child.  I have occasional stiff and itchy oatmeal-flecked flashbacks that bring me out in a cold sweat.  As for thick polo necks?  Ugh, I'd rather go naked!  No, I much prefer to layer up.  Layering, however, is pretty difficult to achieve when one has disposed of the majority of one's clothes.  *sigh*

So here I am, freezing my norks off and on an impromptu mission to find a couple of new toasty togs.

I'm pleased to report, however, that my accessories drawer escaped the hormonal-fuelled cull.  I have more tights than Mrs Tights of Tightsville, socks-a-plenty and my box of crocheted cowls, scarves, hats and mitts is unsurprisingly quite well-stocked.

At least my extremities are all warm.

See that scarf?  It's one of my favourites.  It's shop-bought (from Accessorize if I recall) and I love the colours.  It gives me a rosy glow even if I'm having a pale and uninteresting day.  Which I do from time to time.  One day I'll be able to make my own version.  One day ...

The knitting pictured is my simple slouch hat, version 2.  Version 1 (in the Drops Big Merino pale pink) met an abrupt end.  Having removed the interchangeable needles and letting it rest for a day or three, goon that I am, I re-attached the wrong sized needles to continue.  As a result, it all went a bit skew-whiff.  No matter.  D took me to Festiwool last weekend (where I met up with the incredibly lovely Sandra and Sam) and, amongst other things, I bought a skein of plumptious worsted Blue Faced Leicester in a pretty raspberry colour, from www.nativeyarns.co.uk.  (Please forgive the glare; for some reason, all shades of pink and red are so very difficult to photograph at the moment.)  It's lovely to work with if a teensy bit sheddy.  I'm approaching the decreases and bind off so am stalling a little lest it all goes norks up.

I'm wanting to make a pair of knitted wristwarmers next.  The yarn that you see is too gorgeous for words.  It has sparkles!  I have absolutely no idea how it came into my possession.  The postman squeezed it through the letterbox a couple of days ago.  Peculiar but I'm not complaining.  ;-)

By the way, for those who have asked, I have definitely not deserted my beloved crochet.  I'm just really enjoying the challenge of learning something new.

Have a super week my lovely friends.  Keep cosy/cool (delete as applicable).



  1. Such gorgeous woolishness. I can see the sparkles, I shall look forward to seeing it become what it is destined to be. You've made me feel very cosy. I need to find some yarn and start a scarf I think. I'm running out of blanket steam. CJ xx

  2. The knitting is looking great and the I can see why you love the gorgeous scarf! I have got rid of things one too many times and I am a bit of a hoarder now! I really should have a purge sometime :-)

  3. Lots of lovelies again. That scarf is awesome and so is the yarn... Exciting potential there!

    S x

  4. Exactly for winter. And the colors are also fresh to bloom in winter. You make amazing things. My sister likes to make sweaters and cardigans. She's never made scarfs though. I ask her every time to make it for me, at least a short one, but she refuses. Strange.
    Jess Davidson from http://freelancehouse.co.uk/

  5. Now that Winter is on the way, you'll have to knit faster. Gorgeous colours in the yarn. It'll be nice to have some new wooliness this year.

  6. Your slouch hat will be fantastic and you will look really cute in that colour too! I want to tackle fair isle knitting as well, is that what it's called? Stranded knitting? not sure, but knitting in different colours to make patterns :o)
    Love the pretty sparkly yarn - gorgeous xxxxx

  7. Your photos are just stunning. I have a question about the white sweater in the first picture. Is that handmade or store bought? If handmade, do you know which pattern? It's just lovely and the little flower broach is adorable. Thanks so much for sharing about your decluttering experience. It's very liberating, but also leave gaps that need to be filled. I guess there are worse problems to have. lol.

    1. Hi Grace. Thanks for your lovely comment! Whilst I should love to tell you that the jumper is handmade, it is in fact shop bought! Sorry! ;-) x

  8. I'm like you Heather... I'm cold nearly year round...because of air conditioning in the warm months...but I do the layer upon layer thing to because I am very claustrophobic about my neck especially. I am in my early 50's {51} and need to purge my wardrobe big time... but.... I keep wrapping myself in the same old same old... Maybe you have inspired me though... just Maybe....
    I'm so happy you are enjoying your new found love of knitting :-)))
    Keep Cozy Dear,

  9. I love your chatter and I love the colorful yarns. I wish to learn more about knitting and crocheting I barely know much about knittling I believe just to knit only but so much is now available on you tube you cant lose. I think I'm going to like it here w/ love Janice


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