7 August 2016

I Believe ...

Sew Sweet Violet Podcast

They were for meeeeee!

I cannot recommend this magazine highly enough.  It's beautiful.  http://www.breathemagazine.co.uk

Kate Selene's gorgeous hand-dyed yarns now available in my real-life yarn shop.

'Pink Milk Palette' kits available online very soon.

... in always having fresh flowers
... in the joy of colour
... in supporting small independent businesses
... that some friends are not just meant-to-be, they're heaven-sent
... in stash-enhancing
... in sunshine
... in making time for tea (and wine, always wine)
... in finding time to just breathe, and
... that love always wins.


Post completely copied from inspired by Jen at The Cottage Nest.


  1. Pati from London7 August 2016 at 22:23

    I agree with you in all of them ...... ( but would swap wine for beer...;-) ).
    I hope you are feeling better and are enjoying the summer, ma'darling
    Love Jules's socks - they are gorgeous and how lovely of her to knit them for you.
    Pati X

  2. Amen to all of the above.
    So lovely to hear from you again...

  3. I like your quote and definitely believe in it.Would love to visit your shop but I'm on the other side of the world and down under, we are in the depths of winter although today the sun is shining but VERY cold. Good knitting/crochet time:)

  4. Beautiful post! Love all the yummy yarn colors. Wish I could visit your shop. So glad you are feeling better and are back in blog land.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Mickie, Indiana USA

  5. I believe .... In kindness, and remembering to see the beauty in the everyday, and that is why I visit pink milk ! You make the world a better place , light and love, Jude x
    Ps. My 13 yr old daughter and I can't wait for your online shop

  6. Heather, LoVe your list! You blog is always such a lovely place to stop by. Absolutely loving the look of the hand-dyed yarn & the Pink Milk Palette. I'm VERY exited for your online shop. Anna xx

  7. Hi Heather, love your blog and glad things are moving in the right direction. I am completely obsessed with your stripey yarn, blue, green, beige, pink and orange. I thought it was Rico but the ball shape seems to be different. Please put me out of my misery and share what it is. Pretty please!

    1. Hellooo Cheryl! Do you mean the 9th picture down? t's Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino Tonals - the yarn isn't striped, it's five different colours. I sell them together as a 'Happy Pack' in my shop but will be selling them online in September. Hope that helps! :-) xx

    2. Hi heather - that's the one! Very excited about the on line shop as I am a bit too far to visit the bricks and mortar version. Thanks for replying x

    3. They are gorgeous together.
      And I really like the tonal effect too :o)

  8. Hi Heather,
    It's great to see you here again. Hope you had a lovely holiday :)
    Andrea F

  9. Hello yes always love wins and in all we love we always belive!!Nice views...have happy days!!

  10. Love this gorgeous pretty post...I share all of your beliefs too.
    Marianne x

  11. Love your list and I agree with it 100%! I so wish your shop was in my Village so I could come and meet you!

  12. Hi dear
    Happy to hear you're feet is not heavy anymore, but light and hopeful. Good job listening to your soul. Love the yarn your holding. such a lovely collection. :)


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