31 December 2010

2010 ... Done!

Just a quickie 'hello' to you.

Everyone in Blogland seems to have had a lovely Christmas and we were no exception.  It's been a wonderfully lethargic few days brimming with over indulgence.  No more beige food for me though please!

Lots of gorgeous pressies including a new Canon Ixus camera from Handsome Hubby which was a complete surprise.  I've been lugging around my late Father In Law's chunky-monkey camera for yonks so it's a total delight to have something so teeny and convenient.  I am a little worried it will slip out my pocket and into the loo at some point (I have done that with a mobile phone before - wasn't pretty!).

Other favourite pressies have included a fab new purse ...

... perfume and smellies, a jewellery holder, ditsy floral tights, some handmade pretties oh, and this ...

It's just hilarious.  I'm trying to eke it out and only watch one episode each day.  Such fun!

I've been doing lots of crocheting in the last couple of days but I'll fill you in with that next year!  In fact, I've got terrible cramp in the palms of my hands which I now call 'crochet claw'!

We're off out partying with our lovely neighbours tonight.  I've already exchanged 'Happy New Years' with my brother in Sydney.  Weird to think he is now in 2011 and we're not.

Anyway, as the sun sets on this, the last day of 2010 dear blog friends, I wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year.  May all your piles of ironing be little ones.


22 December 2010

To All My Wonderful Blogging Friends And Followers

I can't tell you how much pleasure you have given me over the past year, thank you so much.

Can we do it all again next year?!

In the meantime, I should like to wish each and every one of you a wonderfully

With love and kisses,



17 December 2010

A Week To Go

The cards are written and sitting in their neat little piles of those to be posted and those to be delivered.

The decorations and tree are up.

The presents are all bought and paid for though a couple are sitting in draughty warehouses awaiting despatch.

We finally made it through the teachers' pressies, carol concerts, parents' evenings, secret santas, Christmas fayres and parties madness that is the end of term.  Three whole delicious weeks.

My little home has had half its pre-Christmas clean.

The cupboards are nice and full.

And breathe ...

I feel strangely relaxed.

This, my friends, is one of the best bits.  The preamble when almost everything is done and the excitement starts to build.

(Christmas angels created by my blondies some years ago and my most favouritest decorations!)


4 December 2010

Post Traumatic Pottering And A Pressie x

Yoo hoo!

It's me!


Aren't these flowers gorgeous?  I bought them from Waitrose.  I've no idea what they're called, I just love their big blousy cabbagey heads and plummy colour.

It's so good to be back and isn't blogland just bedecked in festive cheer and inspiration?

Since we last spoke, my Christmas Craft Fair has been and gone.  Despite the FREEZING conditions, over 500 people came.  We had a fabulous variety of stalls and raised lots of money for charity.  My god but I'm glad it's over though.  Sooo stressful.  Never again.  I know a lot of bloggers wax lyrical about craft fairs they've attended and the wonderful people they've met.  From an organiser's point of view, most of the stallholders were indeed quite delightful but a couple deserved a slap for being so downright rude.  The sad but true law of averages I guess.

Despite having a bit of a snotty cold, I have had such a lovely week since.  Lots of much-needed post-traumatic pottering and fiddling plus an extremely therapeutic craft room purge and tidy!

I've thoroughly enjoyed leisurely making some more bits for next week's school Christmas Fayre (which somebody else is organising hooray!!!).


I've been photographing some of my jools ...

Oh yes, can you believe, I won a giveaway this week!!!  My very first one in a year of blogging!*  Our brave woolly-hatted postman risked life and limb (for which I am everso grateful) to deliver this ...

Thank you so much lovely Alison at Vintage Amethyst for my gorgeous pressies.  The sign is hanging so prettily in my kitchen - I love it.  If you haven't ever visited Alison's shop and browsed her beautiful collection of home bits and gifts, you need to go now, do it, go, go, go and don't forget your purse!!!!

It was blondie son's 12th birthday on Thursday. I put in a teeny request with Mother Nature who came up trumps, bless her, and dumped a shed-load of snow on top of the children's school rendering it closed for the day!!!  We ended up having a wonderfully moochy day (despite Now That's What I Call Music 77 being on a constant loop in the background!).

I said to my Mum, "I can't believe my baby boy is 12", to which she replied "well I can't believe my baby girl is nearly 40!"  Gee thanks!  For the record, I shall be 39 on Tuesday, nearly 40 indeed!

I must go for now.  I have to return blondie son's pal after a sleepover and am feeling an overwhelming urge to crochet a star or two and blondie daughter needs help with her Tudor Fashions project.

Have a super weekend.


*PS.  I've just realised that I posted my very first blog entry a year ago today!!!  Happy bloggiversary me!