30 January 2010

The Proudest Mum In The World!

I could burst ...

Am I allowed a bit of self-indulgent smuggery and unadultered maternal pride?

Just this once?

We found out this morning that the Grammar School has offered our beautiful, clever blondie son a scholarship for academic excellence!!!

He's worked so hard - he had exams in all academic subjects in November, sat another gruelling 4 hour exam at the beginning of January and then had to go for a 50 minute interview.

All at just-turned 11 years old.

Baby boy, I am officially the proudest Mum in the whole wide world.


28 January 2010

The F Word

It's Friday tomorrow and February is almost upon us so I thought I'd share a few of today's f words ...

Flowers, from lovely Mother In Law on Sunday, just starting to get fabulously blousy ...

Feeling funky tights ...

Fabulous friend for lunch bearing thoughtful gift ...

Flame from favourite fragrant candle (reduced from £5.00 to £2.99 at Waitrose - fantastic!) ...

Fish Pie (far more tasty when reheating the leftovers!) ...

Have a fantabulous Friday!


26 January 2010

So Ashamed ...

Let me introduce you to my craft room ...

and Blondie daughter's bedroom (it's obviously in the genes) ...

So have I set-to with a black bag and the hoover?

Have I heck.

I've had one of these ...

(after removing this chap first)

(aaagh, me not likey),

painted my toenails candy pink (and made a note to self to apply Johnson's Summer Skin to my legs ASAP),

selected my jools ...

and, because I have absolutely nothing to wear (?!), bought these online ...

from White Stuff, despite being on a frugal this month.

And it's only 10:30am.

Oh bugger.

Am I a bad person?


22 January 2010

Fish On Friday

OMG, I can't move!


21 January 2010

Dear Blogger ...

I need to tell you something
Now I've known you for a while
It's a frank admission
As secrets aren't my style

I want you to sit down
And take a breath quite deep
Steal yourself my dearest
And promise not to weep

My heart it does a quicken
My hands begin to shake
The thing I've got to tell you is ...

I don't do steamy puddings
Or ever crave ice cream
Biscuits and jammy doughnuts
Just make me want to scream

Moist sponges and meringues
All leave me feeling queer
As for pretty cupcakes
I'd rather steer well clear

Choux and flaky pastry
So don't float my boat
Creamy butter icing
Sticks right in my throat

So, there you go I've said it
No fruitcake for me please
But if you're in the kitchen
I'd love a piece of cheese!

Will you still be my friend?

By Me!

Some of my cheese-related picks from Folksy ...

Polymer Clay Cheese Board by Grandma's Miniature Market

Sandwich Earrings by Sugar Mice

Red Cut Out I Love You More Than Cheese Card by Storeyshop

Yua Valentine Mouse And Extra Cheese by Nats Nest

Now I really must do some housework ...


19 January 2010

Jools And Shoes

Hello lovely bloggers.

I am so chuffed ... I donated this pair of handmade earrings to the Craft Hope for Haiti etsy shop and they have sold!  I feel as though I have helped in a teeny tiny way.  The proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders in Haiti.  Chance to mention too the selfless crafty ladies who must have a mammoth task in organising the whole thing.

There are some simply gorgeous handmade items in the shop; do go and have a browse (don't forget to take your purse)!

I indulged in a bit of 'jools' at the weekend (for future reference, that's how I fondly refer to making jewellery) and have continued fiddling about (that however is a strictly technical term) with my website http://www.mypinkcow.co.uk/.  I am a 'self-taught techie' and designed and created my website all by myself (chest puffs out a little with pride) using Microsoft FrontPage.  The tools of my trade are a constant supply of strong and steaming coffee and full concentration.  If per chance my sense of logic has temporarily done a runner then I steer clear.

Anyhoo, back to the jools ...

This is my 'Anything For You' necklace which is one of my current favourites.  It's a huge 4cm swarovski crystal heart and cluster which is strung on silk and is currently available in green and brown.  I sold my pink one but shall definitely be making another.  I've made a green one for myself too (creator's perk!) and I like to wear it long (just above my tummy button).

This is my Angels' Delight elasticated rose quartz bracelet.  It's pretty, girly and pink just because.

These are my 'Such Charming' earrings.  I'm into long earrings at the moment and always love anything that tinkles prettily.

Do you like?

Ooh, while I am thinking about it, an appeal if I may ...

These are my most favouritest shoes in the whole wide world.

They're by Neet.  If you ever come across them on your travels, in any colour, in a size 5, pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssssse let me know.  Next summer will be their fifth and I'm worried they'll fall apart like their sister pair (I miss you matching aubergine shoes).  I shall simply never go out again if they do. :-( !

Enjoy your Tuesday.


15 January 2010


PS ...

Less is sometimes more; just occasionally only peanut butter on toast will do ...

Innocent smoothies are THE fridge essential.  If, like me, you are a vegetable girl and simply don't 'do' fruit then a large glass of Innocent smoothie every day will tick all the boxes.  It contains 2 portions of your 5 a day, has no nasty added bits and tastes yummy (the banana and coconut is my fave).

Innocent also does really smooth (for those picky palates who gag on bits!) individual smoothies for children, which contain 1 portion of fruit, in boxes of four - they're great for packed lunches.  Plus, you get three alphabet fridge magnets in special packs.

Neither are particularly cheap but you'll often find them on offer in one of the big supermarkets at any one time.

Just thought I'd share it with you.

Oh and do you like the bunting I made today?

It's Cath Kidston fabric, naturally.  The green was actually an only-used-once tea towel I chopped up!  Thrifty huh?  Handsome hubby thinks our dresser looks like a CK shop display!

Night night x

Spreading A Little Sunshine

Happy Friday one and all!

Thank you again NotJustHandbags for my award. x

The conditions when accepting this award:-

* Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
* Pass the award onto 12 bloggers.
* Link the nominees within your post.
* Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
* Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

Now, I'm quite a newbie on the blog block so don't follow that many blogs yet but those I have started to regularly read give me such pleasure.  A couple of my favourites already have the Sunshine Award but I should like to nominate the following blogs as they have each and every one brought a little sunshine into my life:-

cupcakes-and-biscuits - the truly gorgeous Ali who was the first blogger to extend the hand of friendship to me and whose blog is an absolute delight.
mollimoo - a gorgeous blog that just exudes warmth.
noodlebubble - my partner in crafty crime who can't sit still for a minute.
sarah-janedownthelane - a beautiful blog with stunning photographs.
vforviolet - I always look forward to reading your next instalment.
mrsB - I just so love your style Mrs B - you were born to blog.
love2illustrate - Kayleigh is another newbie like me - take a look at her lovely illustrations.
henhouse - she's so shabby chic.
domesticali - a blog I've only just discovered but have fallen for.
cocorosetextiles - recently became a follower of mine so I reciprocated and discovered a girl after my own heart!
prettyshabby - I stumbled across this blog just the other night and read it, pretty much, from start to finish.  A lovely, warm, honest and articulate lady who has THE most wonderful blog.
elfieandme - again, an only recently discovered blog, but I have so fallen in love with this extremely gifted lady's beautiful illustrations.

Thank you to you all. :-)


14 January 2010

My First Blog Award!!!

Look what I got today from the lovely Not Just Handbags ...

As I told her, a nice day was instantly transformed into a lovely day.  I feel all silly and smiley!  :-)

Thank you NJH. x

Now, the delicious task of spreading the sunshine to 12 other bloggers ...


13 January 2010

Has Spring Arrived?

Ooh, pretty tulips in my favourite colours.

Hmm, the heady scent of hyacinths.

Has spring arrived?

No, it bloomin' well hasn't.

Now I love my children dearly but it was so nice to pack them off to school this morning after nearly four weeks holiday and have some time to myself!

Well, apart from a slightly shaggy chocolate-coloured shadow ...

So, first I ...

turned up the thermostat (must remember to turn it back down before handsome hubby comes home, ahem) ...

and then I ...


Yes, I cleaned!  Seven uninterrupted hours to do exactly as I please and I cleaned!  (Other cleaning products are available; mind you, I LOVE my Sarah Smith cloths!)

Actually, it was very therapeutic, I felt I was clearing the way for the forthcoming year!

I did manage to squeeze in taking a few photos for my website too so the day wasn't without a little creativity.

Oh and see what I got in the post today ...

I'd ordered a pack of felt from Paper-And-String and got these gorgeous rolls of ribbon as fantastic freebies.  Gorgeous!


10 January 2010

Dog ...

by Ted Hughes

Asleep he wheezes at his ease.
He only wakes to scratch his fleas.

He hogs the fire, he bakes his head
As if it were a loaf of bread.

He's just a sack of snoring dog.
You can lug him like a log.

You can roll him with your foot.
He'll stay snoring where he's put.

Take him out for exercise.
He'll roll in cowclap up to his eyes.

He will not race, he will not romp.
He saves his strength for gobble and chomp.

He'll work as hard as you could wish
Emptying the dinner dish.

Then flops flat and digs down deep
Like a miner, into sleep.

For my dearest and saddest friend whose darling Ben dog died on Friday.


6 January 2010

A Pottering Sort Of Day ...

Hello you.

Hope you and yours are shiny and happy this snowy 2010.

Since we last spoke ...

Christmas Day - just lovely.  Lots of drinky-poos, new cds competing with each other - Snow Patrol (handsome hubby D), Michael Buble (me), Michael Jackson (blondie son) and Cheryl Cole (blondie daughter), frantic searches for AAA batteries, very late yummy turkey lunch spilling over edges of largest but prettiest plates, edge of seat soap climaxes, goodwill to all men, blah, blah.

Boxing Day - fabulous.  'Can't please everyone but will bloody well try' buffet, mad Dyson thrustings and toilet scrubbings followed by extended family converging, yet more drinky-poos, cutlery shortages, humous smeared all over windows by ignored toddlers and silly word games.

Sunday - BANG!!!  Horrid, horrid, horrid tonsilitis.  Or rather, small malicious man living in your throat stabbing you with broken glass every time you swallow.  What a foul and nasty thing it is.

Anyway, a week of antibiotics and more tomato soup than you can shake a stick at later, much better!  Small malicious man has left the building, or throat.  Sorry, quick self-indulgent moment.  :-)

What a peculiar time of year this is!  It's a sort of 'this is what I want to achieve this year but I'm not quite sure when to crack on with it' sort of limbo.

Today, however, has been a gentle day.  My blondies are not back at school until mid next week so we have been pottering in comfies.

On the last day of term, my daughter was given a few little Christmas pressies by some of her school friends.  Gulp, bad mother moment ... I didn't know we were exchanging?!  Well, this afternoon, I made these - they're just little 'thank you' flower brooches in each of their favourite colours.  (An 8 year old girl favouring black?  Strange but true.)  Do you like them?

I am absolutely a pink girl through and through but the green is my favourite.  It makes me think of spring.

Whilst up to my ears in felt and needle and threads, I jumped on the owl bandwagon and made this little chap for my daughter ...

He's called Dippy Owl, apparently!

Roast chicken and salad for supper and Wednesday sinks slowly into Thursday.

Sweet dreams.